Monday, April 3, 2017

Susan G. Komen Funds Breast Cancer Research

An established Indianapolis-based investment firm, Sheaff Brock specializes in portfolio management for high-net worth individuals. A committed supporter of the community, Sheaff Brock gives to Susan G. Komen of Central Indiana. 

The Susan G. Komen Foundation is responsible for funding organizations worldwide that conduct research on the causes and possible cures for breast cancer. Thanks in part to its efforts, breast cancer death rates have fallen 34 percent over the last twenty years.

Since 1982, Susan G. Komen has contributed more than $889 million toward research projects, including over 2400 separate grants and more than 450 clinical trials.

The foundation began with a simple desire to comprehend the foundational biology of breast cancer. However, the more the nonprofit learned about how cancer cells grew, the better able it was to invest in new approaches toward prevention, detection, and treatment.

While cancer cells have proven adept at circumventing the array of drugs developed to combat them, the foundation’s researchers are some of the most accomplished in the world. Many of them are breast cancer survivors themselves or have family members who have had the disease, so their desire is as strong as the foundation’s to find a cure.